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Service Buyers Appreciate -- Is Service Sellers Want.

A RES (Real Estate Showroom) module gives you your biggest advantage when going head-to-head with another agent.

Why?  Because the RES module lets you show visible, tangible, real-world proof that your marketing is designed to attract and service the buyers -- sellers want.

If a home seller asks you to show them an example of what you can do for them, what do you say and do?

Along with everything you currently say about your traditional marketing (worded in the "What's in it for me? (the seller)" format); EDUCATE your seller and make sure they understand that 80% of today's home buyers use the Internet as part of the buying decision process.

This means 8 out of 10 buyers interested in their home can be found on the Internet and this is where you are so unique when compared to anyone considered to be your competition.

You purposefully attract and service those buyers by giving them more of what they are looking for.  You do very specific things to help more buyers see more value.

10 Simple Things to Explain:

  1. Short Web address - fits anywhere and it's easy to type, say and hear.
  2. Direct-Access Web address - no barriers between buyers and your home
  3. Big, beautiful and inviting photos - versus basic MLS mug-shots
  4. Attention-getting Headline for each photo - makes the Buyer want to look at the photo
  5. Description per photo to reveal hidden-value - don't just hope they see it, tell the buyer what to look at
  6. Additional area, community, neighborhood photos - because Location, Location, Location determines value too
  7. Interactive Google mapping - where the buyer can't accidentally click away from your home.
  8. Points-of-Interest route mapping - lets the buyers know appealing things about the area and how convenient it is to get there
  9. Their home gets added to your Featured Listings and Showcased on your Website - real marketing versus data-warehouse MLS cataloging.
  10. Interactive Premium Slideshow Tour (PST) - a low-cost alternative to high-cost, low-res, spinning tours.
  11. and much, much more - dare to compare
Educate, Educate, Educate!!!

As your Internet marketing coach, I want you to point out the benefits of your Web-based marketing plan to every seller that crosses your path.  Even if they don't ask, "Why should I pick you?" present the question yourself and proceed to answer it as if they did.

With a PMGroup Real Estate Showroom module, you can present the perfect listing.  With just a little effort you can say and demonstrate everything above.  Here's an example of what you can do: ih3k.com/4290

Use the RES module to your advantage.  With the exception of the PST, with a RES module, the recommendations here don't cost you a thing and the average agent can't touch your presentation.

Write up another "Dear Home Seller," message and send it to your farm area, or save money by adding the message to your Website and then use postcards to invite home sellers to see it on your site. You can also convert it to a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Q&A format and add it to your Website.

Do everything you can to educate home sellers about today's home buyers and show them what you do when you represent them and their home.

Please consider this:  "What the RES module does best, works best in this Buyers market."

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Yes!  It really works and we guarantee you meaningful results!

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